Live by the leaf

When we put the leaf in our logo, we meant it. It’s a glowing reminder of all we live up to. Because we share more than a country, we share a way to live.

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We don’t just wear the leaf.
We live by it.

As Petro-Canada associates, not only are we experts in our fields, we’re also members of our customers’ communities. We believe in embodying the core values of Petro-Canada: safety, customer experience, inclusion, and community involvement.

We keep Canadians at the heart of everything we do.

We know what it takes to keep you moving, no matter where you are.

What does it mean to #LiveByTheLeaf?

What matters most to you, is what matters most to us. These are the stories that bring us together.

Canada is much more than Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Our oceans, mountains, prairies, tundra, forests and waterways provide a unique yet diverse landscape for each of us to embrace. Our strong traditions and heritage make Our Canada a wonderful place to live in freedom and peace. #LiveByTheLeaf

Being Canadian means accepting people of different faith and cultures. It means helping your neighbor. It means stopping by the side of the road to assist someone in need. Its a life of hope and dreams in the best country in the world. Love being Canadian. #LiveByTheLeaf

Shelly MS.

This year I helped plant native species plants at a Conservation area in the GTA.
I love Greenspaces! #LiveByTheLeaf

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For us, living by the leaf means supporting those who wear it.

Building Tomorrow’s Team Canada.

Follow the journey of an athlete and their coach and learn how our FACE™ Program is Building Tomorrow’s Team Canada.